R3 Trader offers an abundance of features to give you total control over your trading and to help maximize your profit at every stage of the trade. Review below the extensive list of features to help you trade like the pros.

1-Click Straddle

Simultaneous buy and sell orders coupled with your R3 System, Risk Sizing or RVR Schedules is now available at your fingertips and with just 1-Click! Know the market is going to move sharply, but not sure which direction? 1-Click Straddle will get you in the market to take advantage of these opportunities!


Auto Trading Strategies

Auto Trading your strategies with R3 Trader is simple. Just include the small snippet of code R3 Trader provides you to harness the power of Risk Sizing and RVR schedules with your entry parameters. Be correctly risk sized in each entry and maximize your profits with RVR schedules that make sense with your strategy. Find out more today by joining a free webinar.


Limit Orders

Executing Limit Orders are simplistic with R3 Trader. Click on the chart where you want a limit price and select your Buy Limit or Sell Limit button. R3 Trader will enter your Limit Order with the correct Risk Sizing and RVR Schedule you have selected.


Multiple Direction Trading

Whether you are looking to enter a 1-Click Straddle or buy then sell within seconds, R3 Trader gives you the ability to enter the markets how you want to. Combined with R3 Trader's unique Risk Sizing and RVR Schedules you have the ability to trade like a pro.


Heiken-Ashi Framework

For those of you that use Heiken-Ashi charting this feature is just for you. Since Heiken-Ashi isn’t always a correct display of price, bar count sizing and bar trail features in R3 Trader have been upgraded to read what the chart has displayed and enter or trail your position accordingly.


Global Time Stop

Couple all of your trades executed on a R3 System with a Global Time Stop. It gives you the ability to specify at exactly what time you want all open trades to close. Useful tool to specify a time before or at close of market to flatten your trades.


Chart Display of Action

It's important to know where you are at with your trades and important data needs to be accessible. R3 Trader provides trade direction, entry price, stop loss, take profit, stop loss in terms of ticks/pips, current RVR Level, RVR Time stop ticker, number of ticks/pips P&L, Risk of the trade, Global Time Stop, Current RVR Level active, Risk Sizing type, and a breakdown of the RVR Schedule. All this important data right on the chart to easily view.


R3 Trader Panel Display

The R3 Trader Panel gives you easy access to select your R3 System, adjust your Risk Sizing or RVR Schedule and all important data regarding P&L, Open Risk, Account Balance, Ask/Bid Price, Ask/Bid Volume, Spread, Global Time Stop, and of course your Entry, Straddle, Reverse, and Close buttons.


Open Trades Tab

On this tab will be a list of all open trades on the current chart. Identified individually by chronological trade execution; it gives you important information on all your open trades.


Hot Keys

Entering a trade with your mouse may not always be the most efficient way of getting in fast when necessary. R3 Trader has a host of customizable hot keys for entering the markets from your keyboard. It's as easy as selecting the hot key you want to program then pressing the combination right on the keyboard and R3 Trader saves that hot key off for you!


Custom Sounds

We all like to spice up our trading and make it our own. With R3 Trader's custom sounds you can do just that. Save your favorite sounds off and upload them into R3 Trader for a custom entry or exit experience.


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R3 Trader offers an abundance of features to give you total control over your trading and to help minimize your risk at every stage of the trade. Learn More

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